Some finds from last October 2016

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Some finds from last October 2016

Postby Hawkeye52 » Thu Apr 06, 2017 4:40 pm

So I lost my password to the site for a while, thus my absence from here since I joined. Anyways, after Matthew hit last year and I found my first silver coin, I decided to try out a spot that I had only visited sparingly since I started hunting. Well, I am glad I went because the reward in coins was worth it!

My first view of this beach after Matthew was glorious. This beach had been carved out nicely, and in some spots the dunes were probably 10 feet high. I saw the wet sand and said no. So, I decided to hunt from the bottom of the dunes out to about 6 feet. That was the sweet spot that day. As soon as I steeped on the beach, my first signal was a 1956 Washington quarter. At the bottom of the wooden stairs in dry sand. I could not believe it, but had a feeling that finally this beach would produce. So, I found clad, several Wheaties, a war nickel, two Rosies and my first Merc to finish it off.

I searched for jewelry, but it was not to be found on this hunt. Thanks for looking and HH!!!
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Re: Some finds from last October 2016

Postby antiphonus » Fri Apr 07, 2017 1:56 am

Wow! Great hunt! You really hoovered up the coins on that trip. Thanks for sharing. :D
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